Berlin, September 25th 2018 – Not just photos with a litre-mug in their hands: “O’Zapftis!” Was the slogan this year at the Oktoberfest. One mug after the other is now passed through the beer benches; the ladies throw themselves in their fussy Dirndl, the gentlemen in the leather lederhosen. Reason enough, for thousands of tourists, to pay a visit to the Bavarian capital. The song “Sweetheart, give me a photo” now gets a whole new dimension; after all, the smartphone must always be at hand to capture the unique Oktoberfest experiences. MyPostcard, the postcard app with the world’s largest postcard offering, has put together five extraordinary Oktoberfest motifs on the occasion of the Oktoberfest, which should not be missing on any camera.

Capture this! – The Devils Wheel

Famous infamous and always worth a snapshot: Feldl’s Teufelsrad. Since 1910, the wheel is represented at the Oktoberfest and has always formed a queue of onlookers in front of the attraction. Roughly speaking, the devil wheel is a kind of skill test, which involves staying as long as possible on a rotating wooden surface, while avoiding a swinging foam ball and ropes and the Rekommandeur, a kind of commentator, with Bavarian slogans on the Schippe is taken. Even those who do not want to go to the Teufelsrad should definitely take a look at this Oktoberfest tradition because it’s always much fun for the audience. The best way to press the trigger is when dozens of girls in dirndls or men in leather pants sit on each other and try to hold on to each other. This Oktoberfest photo certainly has not been seen so often at home.

Raw Nostalgia- The Old Wiesn

Eight years ago Oktoberfest celebrated its 200th birthday. Moreover, this day was also the birth of the Oidn Wiesn. Here prevails one thing above all: nostalgia. If you want to stroll relaxed over the fairground away from the hustle and bustle of Oktoberfest, this is the place to be. Although the entrance costs three euros and there are fewer tents, but they still have a historic dance floor – ideal for Schuhplattlern and the Rockfliaga. Also, colourful costumes, horse racing and live music are on the program. So if you want to populate your photo album with classic Bavarian customs and at the same time want to make a round on historic rides – which, by the way, cost you only one euro – you should plan a visit.

The Comical Schichtl

Admittedly, the Oktoberfest itself is a true spectacle. However, you can also experience that in the traditional theatre, the Schichtl, on the festival grounds. Since 1869, the “Original Magic Specialty Theater” can be found at the Oktoberfest, which thrills its visitors with curiosities: eye-catching costumes and extraordinary pieces are offered here. Without a doubt, the “highlight” is the “decapitation” of a spectator on the open, brightly lit stage with the guillotine. Of course, everything is not real, but in any case a scary-funny variety for the Oktoberfest visit and the perfect place for a whimsical snapshot.

Who was that again? – Labelled Clothespins

Originally, only the Oktoberfest staff carried clothespins to attach the receipts. Meanwhile, the brackets are sold in every tent and also on the festival grounds. Words such as “Spotzl”, “Wiesnhaserl” or “Lausbua” are to be found on it; more classic are the wooden clips with names that can be labelled on-site. Not only perfect to be able to address the opposite with a first name but also for a souvenir photo – so you can remember the name of the Oktoberfest flirt in the next day.

Kikeriki – The Hendl Hats

They came, were celebrated and stayed: For some time, the Hendl is not only on the plate cult but also upside down. The Hendl hats are perfect for snapshots in the marquee. The legs of the battery-operated Hendl hats wiggle for about 30 seconds, making them the perfect companion for a dance song to the “Flieger-Lied” or “Hulapalu” on the beer bench.

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