Berlin, October 13th 2017 – Postcards as an alternative to Facebook, Instagram and Co. – despite the social media hype, many people don’t want to miss out on the classic vacation greeting: the postcard. Nevertheless, a lot has changed. Shipping in the classical sense has received modern competition. Today you no longer need to buy a postcard, write it, stick a stamp on it and insert it into the mailbox. All these steps are taken care of nowadays by the MyPostcard App who deliver your words as real post and greeting cards worldwide.

The ZDF heuteplus news magazine was also interested in this idea and travelled to the New York office to talk with Oliver Kray, the startup’s founder, about his vision. A visit to the print shop allowed a look at the behind the scenes of MyPostcard. Here many thousands of postcards are printed daily and sent out into the world. However, it is no longer just birthday and vacation cards that are being sent. MyPostcard today supports, among other things, political and social initiatives.

In the interview, Oliver Kray explains why the real postcard has a unique charm: Posts in social media quickly disappear into no man’s land, while photos on smartphones can soon be forgotten. A personalized vacation card with your own photo, however, could earn an exceptional place at the addressee’s home – on the recipient’s refrigerator, for example.

MyPostcard is currently the most successful provider of postcard app services and has just expanded into the US to drive internationalisation. The American population also loves postcards and not only send holiday greetings via the app but also use them to send political news to the government, and to senators and organizers. Companies use the MyPostcard service on a larger scale, for example for automated postcard mailing in the B2B area, as an advertising medium and as a modern, personalized CRM measure – for example for customers’ birthday greetings.

The traditional understanding of the greeting card has come to an end – MyPostcard gives a new, digital life to the postcard, making shipping more convenient, as well as more individual and personal than ever before.

About MyPostcard

The postcard of tomorrow: MyPostcard allows you to send your personal photos as a real, printed postcard anywhere in the world – taking care of the worldwide shipping, printing, and posting. The app is available in ten languages and provides the world’s largest design selection with over 10,000 designs. Oliver Kray, a designer and Serial-Entrepreneur, is CEO and Founder of MyPostcard, headquartered in Berlin with a New York office and 25 employees.

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