offered 10,000 free postcards to people all over the world, to help honor Army veteran, Lee Hernandez.


A dying Army veteran’s final wish, was to simply hear from the people he had once served. Lee Hernandez, fell ill to a sickness doctors couldn’t exactly diagnose and would have seizures continuously.

After coming across an article published on about Lee’s story, immediately sprang into action. What better way to fulfill the wish of a fallen hero, than by allowing people to send their heartfelt messages of hope and love on a personalized postcard.

With the help of Reddit and social media, this story garnered much attention.
People from all around the world answered the call for help.

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In doing so, they brightened the day of a dying Army veteran who wanted nothing more than to hear from us.
The simple act of sending a text message meant the world to Lee Hernandez, who served the country for 181⁄2 years.
The 47-year-old is under hospice care in New Braunfels, Texas. His dying wish was to receive text messages and phone calls from anybody willing to talk to him.
His wish was granted thousands and thousands and thousands of times over.

MyPostcard generated hundreds of postcards for Lee Hernandez

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