Berlin, May 14th 2020 – The Deutsche Post and the postcard app provider MyPostcard are now also partners in the field of individualized postage stamps. The company, MyPostcard, is offering customers the chance to create their own individualized stamps over the platform. The stamps can be used to send postcards and letters, which are then sent via the Deutsche Post’s logistical network. 

The personalized stamp business in Germany and the Deutsche Post AG’s product, “BRIEFMARKE INDIVIDUELL” (the individual stamp), has been exclusively in the hands of Deutsche Post for over 10 years. Now for the first time the two companies are partnering in this particular field and MyPostcard has been given the opportunity to make personalizable stamps available to existing and new customers via, while working in close cooperation with the Deutsche Post. In fact, this is the second round of a successful partnership with the Deutsche Post: The two partners have been working together since 2018, when MyPostcard acquired the FUNCARD app from the Deutsche Post.

Ole Nordhoff, Chief Marketing Officer Post & Paket Deutschland from the Deutsche Post DHL Group, emphasizes this: “We are pleased to have found an agile partner in MyPostcard to make our successful business concept, the personalizable stamp, available to their customers too. We are confident that this expanded customer base will generate additional growth for our product.” 

Deine Briefmarke offers the chance to immortalize your favorite photos and designs as real self-adhesive stamps and share them in many different ways. It’s not just possible to create your own individual stamp, but also to create a set of branded stamps. Oliver Kray, founder and CEO of MyPostcard says, „For the first time it will soon be possible to choose limited edition stamp designs from hundreds of profiles; from brands and organizations to artists, illustrators, actors and musicians.” Already, countless profiles are live. License holders include Benjamin Blümchen and Bibi&Tina; the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam; artists including Ruthe; musicians like the Amigos; Leipzig, as the first German town; and organizations like AllOut.

Oliver Kray, CEO of MyPostcard expands on this: “Given the long-standing and very successful nature of our partnership with the Deutsche Post, we’re all the more pleased to take it that step further in the form of Our goal is to bring general demand to the next level and to establish the product among private as well as business customers by offering added value and tailoring this unique product to their needs. This is a new and unique market which we are opening up side by side with the Deutsche Post. We are proud of and grateful for the trust they’ve placed in us.”

You can get stamps as a DIN 15 set with 10 self-adhesive stamps per sheet, as a DIN A4 set with 20 self-adhesive stamps per sheet or on a roll from order quantities of 500 and above. Different postage rates are available for different kinds of shipments. This includes postcards (nationally €0.60 and internationally €0.95), standard letters (nationally €0.80 and internationally €1.10), compact letters (nationally €0.95 and internationally €1.70), large letters (nationally €1.55 and internationally €3.70) and maxi letters (nationally €2.70 and internationally €7.00). The individualizable stamps are available for private customers for a production cost of €13.95 and above (excl. stamp postage costs and tax). Production costs for business customers are dependent on requirements.

About is a cooperation of the Deutsche Post AG and MyPostcard GmbH. As first collaboration partner, offers the Deutsche Post’s product, ‘Briefmarke Individuell’, and therefore personalizable stamps. Whether it’s for private customers with a design of their own, or for business customers with a branded design for advertising or merchandising purposes, the stamps imbue delivering letters with personal character. The company was grounded in 2020 and is headquartered in Berlin.

About the Deutsche Post AG

The Deutsche Post is the largest postal service in Europe and market leader in the German letter and package market. With its strong ‘Deutsche Post’ branding and around 150,000 employees all committed to upholding the highest standards of service and acting sustainably, the company is ‘the post for Germany’. The products and services on offer at the Deutsche Post combine the past and future of postal and communication services – from letter and package delivery to secure electronic communication all the way through to dialogue marketing for private and business customers. It’s through all this that the company has become a pioneer for new technologies such as CO2-neutral delivery and logistical solutions for online trade.  The Deutsche Post is part of the Deutsche Post DHL Group. The group achieved a revenue of more than 63 million euros in 2019. The group is making a positive contribution to the world through its commitment to acting sustainably as well as its community and environmental engagement. By 2050, the Deutsche Post DHL Group aims to achieve zero emissions logistically.

About MyPostcard

The postcard of tomorrow: MyPostcard is Germany’s most successful postcard app, letting customers send their own photos as real printed postcards. The app is currently available in ten languages and is home to the world’s largest collection of postcards for sale with more than 50,000 designs available. With the help of an international network of printing houses, MyPostcard takes care of printing and delivering the personalized postcards. Founder and CEO is Oliver Kray, a designer and serial entrepreneur. The company is headquartered in Berlin with an additional office in New York and currently employs 30 staff. It is ranked among the top 1000 fastest growing companies in Europe according to the Financial Times, even achieving place 19 in the ecommerce sector. 

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