• December 20 and 21 are among the most popular days for sending Christmas mail – just in time to arrive on time
  • One in three sends Christmas greetings by mail
  • The younger generation in particular is delighted to receive Christmas mail

Berlin, 07.12.2021 — Even a little attention is enough to put a smile on the faces of others. After a particularly turbulent year in 2021, this is even more true: a postcard at Christmas does just that and is part of the tradition for many. When and to whom do people prefer to send Christmas greetings by mail? And are analog Christmas greetings still in keeping with the times? What are the most popular postcard motifs at Christmas? In a current representative survey, MyPostcard, Germany’s most successful postcard app, together with the opinion research institute YouGov, asks about the importance of the postcard medium at Christmas*. 

Last-Minute-Christmas Greetings

Yes, is it Christmas again? That’s probably what many people think when they realize with horror that they haven’t sent their Christmas mail yet: 52% of the cards sent up to 24.12 are sent in the 7 days before Christmas**. Almost half of these are sent just before Christmas Eve – making December 20 and 21 among the most popular days for sending Christmas mail. 

Digital or analog Christmas greetings?

Although the majority of respondents now rely on digital Christmas mail and send their Christmas greetings via messenger tools such as Whatsapp (57%) or via social media such as Facebook and Instagram (16%), it is impossible to imagine Christmas greetings without the classic postcard. Despite or precisely because of their high traditional value, 35% of respondents deliberately choose to write Christmas postcards. One of the main reasons is that they themselves enjoy receiving postcards at Christmas. Postal Christmas greetings are particularly popular among the younger generation. Among 18-35 year-olds, one in three is happy to receive a postal greeting at Christmas. More than three quarters of those surveyed (81%) use the Christmas period primarily to leave a postcard greeting for their friends, followed by parents and siblings (69%) and relatives (64%).

Personal Christmas greetings in vogue

Christmas is a celebration associated with emotions. That’s why personal and individually designed Christmas postcards remain in vogue. Postcards designed with the recipient’s own photos are the most popular. The top three motifs include: 1) stars and snowflakes; 2) specially created lettering; 3) classic fir tree branches**. Receiving Christmas mail also evokes many different emotions in the recipient: for example, some feel a sense of connection and closeness (33%), while others are more likely to experience feelings of joy and happiness (16%) and a sense of love (8%)*. 

Postcard remains popular for special occasions 

In the second Corona year, the postcard remains a popular medium. As in 2020, birthday greetings are the absolute frontrunner when it comes to sending postcards: 41 percent of respondents use postcards to congratulate their loved ones. In addition, vacation greetings and special celebrations such as weddings are among the top occasions for sending postcards.  In 2021, 33% of respondents are still convinced that postcards are the right choice for greeting those at home. 28% prefer to send postcards on special occasions such as weddings. More and more people are also turning to digital solutions when sending their greetings: 7% of respondents currently use postcard apps. 

*The data used is based on an online survey conducted by YouGov Deutschland GmbH, in which 2079 people participated between November 19 and 22, 2021. The results were weighted and are representative of the German population aged 18 and over.

**MyPostcard anonymously analyzed the data of over 500,000 postcards from Germany sent in 2020 in the period 01.12.2020 – 24.12.2020).

About MyPostcard

MyPostcard is Germany’s most successful postcard app and makes it possible to send your own photos as real printed postcards from anywhere via smartphone. With more than 50,000 designs, the company also has the world’s largest range of postcards and offers audio and video cards in addition to postcards and greeting cards. MyPostcard takes charge of the printing, franking and worldwide dispatch of the personalized postcards with the help of an international printing network. The company, based in Berlin and New York, was founded in 2014 by designer and serial entrepreneur Oliver Kray (CEO) and is now successfully operating in the e-commerce industry with over 4 million users. Today, 35 employees work in the company. MyPostcard supports various social projects worldwide, including Amnesty International, All-Out.org, Terre des Femmes and in the past the #FreeDeniz campaign in cooperation with N24 / Axel Springer.

MyPostcard has a prestigious list of partners, including Deutsche Post, Haribo, adidas, Google and TUI. In the Financial Times ranking, MyPostcard is one of the Top 1000 Fastest Growing Companies in Europe. In the e-commerce sector, the company ranks 19th in Europe. MyPostcard has won the gold Stevie Award in the Company of the Year category as well as the coveted Licencing International Award. At the 8th annual 2021 International Best in Business Awards, MyPostcard has also won the Gold Globee® in the category “Heightening Awareness and Publicity Campaign of the Year / COVID-19-related Information” for the campaign “One Million Postcards #formeforus.” The MyPostcard app is available free of charge in the Appstore (4.7 stars) and Playstore (4.3 stars). The app is currently available worldwide in ten languages.

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