Berlin, October 12th 2018 – The charm of the dark: every evening until 14 October 2018, light installations of the festival “Berlin lights up” astonish visitors in the capital. However, even dark and gloomy places exert a certain fascination on many people. MyPostcard – the postcard app with the world’s largest postcard offering – has researched four places and interesting tours in Berlin that visit worthwhile. Unfortunately, some of these experiences can only be recorded in photographic memory. If cameras are allowed, they should have a good flash.

Teufelsberg – Impressions from the Cold War era

On the second-highest elevation of the city, the Teufelsberg in the Berlin Grunewald is a radar station from the time of the Cold War. The area boasts around 48,000 square meters and can be visited. If you feel like time travelling and at the same time want to see the highest street art gallery in the city, this is the place for you. In addition to a documentation of the history of the Teufelsberg and photographic impressions, there is much to discover on the site. Although at the moment the viewing platform with the radomes and the dome is not allowed to be visited, nevertheless the guides are highly recommended. At the historic guided tour Friday at 2 pm, Saturday at 1 pm and Sunday at 1 pm as well as at 3 pm, experts and contemporary witnesses will accompany the participants for 90 minutes and tell them a lot of interesting facts about the history of the Teufelsberg. From Wednesday to Sunday, visitors from 12:00 to 20:00 also have the opportunity to visit the safe areas of the radar station alone. If you walk across the grounds in the dark in the evening, you will perceive this “time journey” quite differently. Even some of the deserted rooms are only sparsely lit and offer exceptional photo motifs. It is mystical in the historic torchlight hikes, but unfortunately not currently offered. The tickets for the historic tour cost 15 euros. Anyone who wants to take pictures must also buy a photo ticket for 15 euros. Current information about the tours is available here.

Discovering Berlin’s Underworld

Since 1997, the Berlin Underworld e.V. has been researching and documenting the historical context of the Berlin underground. The association offers guided tours and seminars. For example, the contemporary witness Manfred Graeber will be showing the underground shelters at Gesundbrunnen underground station, which were built on several floors during the Second World War on 16 October 2018 at 14 o’clock in a special tour entitled “Memories of a war child” for air protection purposes. The air defence system was preserved after the war, as a blast by the Allies would have destroyed the subway tunnel and was rediscovered in 1998 by the club Berlin Underworlds. During the two-hour tour, visitors will be informed about the bombing and air raid in Berlin as well as the subject of the war construction and the preservation of monuments. Telephone registration is required. The ticket costs 18 euros. Unfortunately, film and photo shoots are not allowed during the guided tours.

Fleeing through tunnels at the Berlin Dungeon 

The visitors of the Berlin Dungeon are immersed in Berlin’s dark past. There are eleven live shows with professional actors – so you get to know the capital and its history in a slightly different way. At the show “Escape through the secret tunnels”, visitors will experience how the knight Erich Valke tells his story about the great fire of Berlin in the 14th century in the dungeon of the Gerichtslaube in the Nikolai-district. Meanwhile, bailiffs rush in to bring the knight to his conviction. If they find the visitors there, they might be seen as accomplices. Therefore, they must flee on a raft through the secret tunnels of Berlin in the 14th century. The adventure in the dark tunnels can begin. The online ticket starts from 16 euros. Visitors are not allowed to take pictures themselves in the dungeon, but can be photographed by the photographer team in spooky scenes and buy the photo at the end.

Concert in the Dark

A “Dinner in the Dark” is far from new, but a concert in the dark is quite unusual. In Berlin’s first dark restaurant “NOCTI VAGUS”, guests have been eating in the dark for ten years now. There is also a cultural program on the world’s first dark stage. From scary dinner, crime dinner up to dark theatre and concerts much is offered. At the music dinner “Stars in the Dark”, the musicians play famous hits while the guests enjoy dinner in the dark. The next dates are on the 13th and on the 27th of October 2018 at 6 pm. With a free choice of the menu the show with dinner costs 69 Euro per person. Since it would contradict the concept of total darkness, it is not allowed to photograph during the performance.

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