Berlin, October 29th 2018 – Transatlantic Halloween ideas: The Halloween enthusiasm really arrived in Germany just a few years ago. Carving out pumpkins, celebrating Halloween parties and decorating houses to be more creepy does not just delight the Americans. Fancy costumes or scary decorations – Halloween offers many great photo opportunities. However, the celebrations in this country are nothing compared to the US. The Americans love Halloween, prepare for weeks, attach giant spiders to the wall, decorate their front gardens as cemeteries and put moving zombies in the garden. MyPostcard, the postcard app with the largest postcard offering in the world, has asked colleagues in the New York office what Halloween tips Americans have for Germans.


Pumpkin carving is fun and requires – depending on the level of difficulty of the desired face  – also much skill. Those who not only enjoy the illuminated pumpkin but would also like to be surrounded by the scent of Halloween, sprinkle some cinnamon on the underside of the cutout pumpkin eyelid. As soon as the tealight in the pumpkin burns and the heat spreads, the whole room will smell like a mixture of cinnamon and pumpkin.

Thematically consistent costumes

Disguises on Halloween are also a must for adults. Although there are many stores that sell Halloween costumes, a self-made outfit is almost always better. There are no limits to creativity. Couples often opt for costumes that fit together – such as Little Red Riding Hood and the bad wolf, ketchup and mustard or doctor and nurse. Also costumes with current relation to films, series or celebrities are always popular. Great photos are guaranteed when families or friends dress up in a themed fashion and, for example, all go as Star Wars characters or as superheroes. Some Halloween fans even costumes their pet.

In-costume photo rallies 

Of course, if you bought or crafted an original costume, you also want to show it to the public. A photo rally is a surefire way to have much fun: everyone meets in disguise and gets a list of places where they have to take a picture with their smartphone, or situations that they should photographically capture. Those who perform the tasks the quickest or make the funniest pictures have won. Children then go trick or treating from house to house; adults may prefer to go to a bar or party. Often there are also costume competitions there.

Green Pumpkin to light up an allergic Kid’s mood

In the US, it’s a tradition to go to the houses on Halloween night with the outside light on. This signals that you want to participate in the so-called trick or treatment. Sometimes the adults are already sitting with sweets at the door and watch the children passing by with their costumes. In Germany, this recognition rule is not yet so widespread, so children and their parents should expect that not everyone has opened the door or provided sweets. Ideally consider only ringing at the neighbours, houses decorated with pumpkins or houses decorated in Halloween decorations.  There is also growing awareness in the US that many children have allergies or nutritional intolerance. So that these children do not go out with Trick or Treating empty, the following is recommended: Anyone who has not only sweets but also small toys for the children, should put a green pumpkin as a distinguishing feature in front of the door.

Bloody Fingers in your Bread

Of course at Halloween parties, the decoration and the food are important. Everything about the decoration is creepy: skeleton fairy lights, false spiderwebs, glowing pumpkins, ghosts and zombies to scare the guests. Children, for example, enjoy a labyrinth in the garden separated by bedsheets, in which horror scenarios are set up and where they are frightened by “monsters” live. It is also original if you buy socks with Halloween motifs for the guests and every guest at the entrance can take a pair. So you kill several birds with one stone: The guests take off their shoes, the socks immediately provide a topic of conversation among the party guests and are still a nice reminder of the celebration after Halloween. Of course, the food should also taste good, but on Halloween, what counts is how it looks. There are no limits to creativity here: biscuits in the form of ghosts, a joke hand in a bowl or a colour-coordinated cake complete the motto. Sausages are also original, cut to pieces as a finger and then served in a bun with ketchup. From pretzel sticks and icing, spider webs are now edible, which also look even more decorative.

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