Berlin, October 13, 2020 – Is writing postcards still a trend? Is the postcard as a medium still in demand in the age of digital change? And what about how it’s facing up to new challenges brought with the global Covid-19 pandemic?  In a current representative survey, MyPostcard – the app with the world’s largest selection of postcards – together with the polling institute YouGov, try to find out how relevant postcards are in this day and age.

In Germany, the good old postcard is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year. But despite any nostalgia around it – or maybe even because of it – postcards are back in trend. Not even our ever-developing digitalization can harm the popularity of these A6-sized messages. Postcards have been especially popular during the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic with its contact – and travel restrictions. The latest figures from this representative survey by MyPostcard and YouGov prove: Postcards remain a relevant medium.

Sending postcards in 2020 as compared to 2019

The trend for writing postcards is booming in 2020. In 2019, around 57% of the participants of the survey stated that they send postcards regularly. In 2020, this number rose to 66%. The top occasions for sending a postcard have also changed – in 2019 they consisted of travel, birthdays, and national holidays. In 2020, birthdays took the lead as the most popular reason to send a postcard (with almost 42%). The third most popular occasion this year was weddings. In 2019, 38% of the German population sent holiday greetings to those who stayed at home – either handwritten or with the help of postcard apps. Meanwhile, in 2020, 39% of the participants used postcards for their holiday greetings. Whether they feature a typical tourist motif or are personalized with personal vacation photos – the postcard is still the right way to say “Hi” from your holidays – or at least for almost every second participant of the survey. A total of 66% of the German population said they are delighted when receiving a postcard – regardless of whether they write postcards themselves or not. More and more people are turning to modern solutions when sending their greetings: Postcard apps are the preferred option for 9% of those surveyed.

Communication during Corona

Especially during Corona, alternative means of communication became more relevant. Instead of going to a restaurant with friends, a joint face-time dinner was held, and of course, there were lots of phone calls with friends and zoom meetings with colleagues. People found ways to compensate for the missing closeness to family and friends. Of those surveyed, 53% said they now use alternative means of communication more often than before the Corona crisis. Messenger, phone calls and video calls top the ranking. But mail too is in greater demand. Around 10% responded that they send more postcards, letters and parcels and 6% had a significantly fuller mailbox in the past few months compared to a year ago.

Writing postcards – emotions and solidarity

A postcard is something personal that can be touched – far removed from the virtual and digital. It’s different, because it is something that stays. In this tenaciously difficult time especially, the postcard proves its high emotional value – not only for its recipients but also for its senders. “Our MyPostcard app is known for sending individual holiday greetings via postcard. In the past few months, however, there has been a strong shift in the motives behind writing postcards. More than 80% of orders in the last six months were postcards fostering solidarity”, says Oliver Kray, CEO and founder of MyPostcard. The company takes care of printing and worldwide delivery of their personalized postcards. 

The data used here is taken from a representative online survey by YouGov Deutschland, carried out on behalf of MyPostcard. A total of 2029 people took part in this YouGov survey in September 2020. The results were weighted and are representative of the German population from age 18 and over.

About MyPostcard

The postcard of tomorrow: MyPostcard is Germany’s most successful postcard app making it possible to send personal photos as real printed postcards. The app is currently available in ten languages and offers more than 50,000 designs making it the biggest selection of postcards available worldwide. With the help of an international printing network, MyPostcard takes care of printing, stamps and worldwide delivery of the personalized postcards. Founder and CEO of the company is designer and serial entrepreneur, Oliver Kray. The company is based in Berlin with an additional office in New York and currently employs 30 employees. It ranks among the Financial Times’ 1000 Fastest Growing Companies in Europe, and in the ecommerce category, even scores 19th place. 

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