MyPostcard cooperates with the Yarinaa Foundation to support School Building Project ‘Prince & Princess Academy’ in Ghana

To increase the access to education for the children in Tamale, the northern region of Ghana, the Yarinaa Foundation decided to build a lower cost school Building for children from deprived backgrounds.

Unfortunately the academic environment in Ghana is still underdeveloped, so the aim of the Prince & Princess Academy is to provide low cost and quality education to children in need and to improve the standard of living of these children and their families.

School Building - The Team of the Yarinaa Foundation with Postcards

Furthermore they try to prevent teenage pregnancy and Sexual Transmitted Diseases among teenagers as well as offer portable drinking water in rural communities.

To accomplish these goals, the Yarinaa Foundation needs support. That is why MyPostcard decided to print and sell postcards in Ghana in order to raise money for school building. Prince Sisu Haruna, the Chief Executive Director of the Yarinaa Foundation, about the collaboration: “Postcards bring many smiles and connect families and friends. It is a possible way to provide essential education to many deprived children in the world. Our profound gratitude goes to the amazing team of”

School building Project of the Yarinaa Foundation

The team of the Prince & Princess Academy is currently working on the structure of the building. In future many children of Tamale will visit this school to get a quality primary education.

The Prince & Princess Academy, a low cost school for disadvantaged children and their families – we from MyPostcard are very proud to support this great project and the Yarinaa Foundation with our postcards.

School Building Project - Postcard Styles

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