Berlin, 17.12.2021 – Digital NFT Collectibles and crypto trading are trending and experiencing a real boom. MyPostcard, Germany’s most successful postcard app, is currently offering 10,000 unique NFT postcards. The campaign, which was initiated by anonymous crypto fans, started on 06.12.2021. Until New Year’s Day, individual crypto-meme postcards are available for sale on

The so-called non-fungible tokens are abstract, purely digitally existing objects that are paid for with the cryptocurrency Matic. What’s sticks out about this? Crypto-art has collector potential, as the works based on blockchain technology are unique and therefore counterfeit-proof. This year, NFTs also found their way into mailboxes and philately. The Austrian Post is in fact now into its third edition of crypto stamps. The first real NFT postcards are now following via MyPostcard. 

Unusual greeting cards or a special gift to a blockchain artwork lover is now possible in analog. Exactly 10,000 exclusive NFT Christmas designs are available for minting (purchase) on the website for around $40 each. Once purchased, Cribto Card NFTs can be traded directly on the OpenSea platform. The designs were created especially for the campaign and are based on popular memes and characters of the crypto world. Collect, trade or enjoy your own unique piece – these crypto postcards offer many options. 

As is typical for NFT technology, these crypto postcards are digital twins. For each NFT postcard in your wallet, you have the option to get an analog pendant sent via MyPostcard. Through this, the initial owner of the token has the right to send a real postcard in the mail. Five different cards can be purchased per wallet. Christmas greetings or a personal text can easily be added and MyPostcard will take care of printing and shipping. 

Upon successful completion of the campaign, 10% of the proceeds will be donated, and the NFT postcards will return in a new 2022 edition. All unsold copies will be digitally destroyed after Dec. 31, 2021.

About MyPostcard

MyPostcard is Germany’s most successful postcard app and makes it possible to send your own photos as real printed postcards from anywhere via smartphone. With more than 50,000 designs, the company also has the world’s largest range of postcards and offers audio and video cards in addition to postcards and greeting cards. MyPostcard takes charge of the printing, franking and worldwide dispatch of the personalized postcards with the help of an international printing network. The company, based in Berlin and New York, was founded in 2014 by designer and serial entrepreneur Oliver Kray (CEO) and is now successfully operating in the e-commerce industry with over 4 million users. Today, 35 employees work in the company. MyPostcard supports various social projects worldwide, including Amnesty International,, Terre des Femmes and in the past the #FreeDeniz campaign in cooperation with N24 / Axel Springer.

MyPostcard has a prestigious list of partners, including Deutsche Post, Haribo, adidas, Google and TUI. In the Financial Times ranking, MyPostcard is one of the Top 1000 Fastest Growing Companies in Europe. In the e-commerce sector, the company ranks 19th in Europe. MyPostcard has won the gold Stevie Award in the Company of the Year category as well as the coveted Licencing International Award. At the 8th annual 2021 International Best in Business Awards, MyPostcard has also won the Gold Globee® in the category “Heightening Awareness and Publicity Campaign of the Year / COVID-19-related Information” for the campaign “One Million Postcards #formeforus.” The MyPostcard app is available free of charge in the Appstore (4.7 stars) and Playstore (4.3 stars). The app is currently available worldwide in ten languages.

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