Berlin, November 8th, 2019 — MyPostcard is revolutionizing the postcard. Since 2014, the Berlin-based company has been offering its users real personalized and printed postcards. Now the German start-up is bringing a new, innovative product to the market – personalized greeting cards with a real, individualized audio message.

As the only on-demand provider worldwide, MyPostcard brings personalized audio greeting cards to the market in November 2019. In comparison to existing products from other providers, it is the first product which must not be ordered in bulk. With MyPostcard, the end-consumer can now send personalized cards individually. The audio card has a specially designed, CE certified sound chip and can be personalized with personal photos as well as its own voice message.

The audio greeting card is available in the MyPostcard app from November 15th in DIN A5 format from 7.99 Euros (excluding shipping). Like before, 13 different greeting card templates are available for its visual design. What’s new is the 60 second-long audio message which can be easily recorded with a smartphone microphone at the click of a button during the creation process. When the recipient of the card opens it, the audio file stored on the sound chip will be played over the integrated loudspeaker.

Voice messages are constantly becoming more popular – MyPostcard gets on board with the long-running trend

Voice messages have enjoyed a consistently growing popularity in the last few years across various messaging services. And not without reason: It’s not just an easy and uncomplicated way to communicate, but it also provides the means to express feelings spontaneously and to convey emotions. According to a study carried out by Statista and YouGov from 2019, 71% of people asked find spoken audio files useful, 70% said they avoid misunderstandings in this way. 69% of people asked can express themselves better with a voice message and 60% consider them more personal than written messages.

Extra-special voice messages via audio cards – emotional value and worthwhile keepsake

The emotional worth of spoken language cannot be dismissed. And MyPostcard introduces the special quality of messaging platforms’ voice messages to a real, printed greeting card. The next “Happy Birthday” song for example, or the sweetest romantic serenade could be treasured forever like this.

About MyPostcard

The postcard of tomorrow: MyPostcard is the app making it possible to send your own photos as real printed postcards. The app is currently available in ten languages and with more than 20,000 designs, offers the largest collection of postcards worldwide. MyPostcard takes care of the printing, stamping and the international shipping of the personalized postcards. The Founder and CEO is the designer and serial entrepreneur, Oliver Kray. The company has its headquarters in Berlin with an office in New York and at the moment employs 25 employees.

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