Berlin, 27.12.2021 – Haiti: a country shaped by social, political and economic crises as well as serious natural disasters that do not stop for the Caribbean island. The chances for education are few if not hopeless. For this reason, MyPostcard has teamed up with Rotary and the Sfaira Foundation to change the educational situation locally. All proceeds go directly to the ECLUJE elementary school in the working class neighborhood of Port-au-Prince. 

Education in Haiti 

Already considered the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, the island nation of Haiti faced several disasters in 2021. In addition to the Covid pandemic, the south of the country was hit by a powerful earthquake and the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moise plunged the country into a downward economic spiral. Families are often in such poverty that school attendance for children is impossible. Half of Haiti’s population is illiterate. Only one in 20 children will ever graduate from high school. 

MyPostcard wants to help provide a better future for upcoming generations. In 2019, the Rotary E-Club of Wall Street began the construction of the ECLUJE elementary school (École Communautaire Lumière de Jésus) in Port-au-Prince. Since then, free education from 1st to 6th grade has been offered to the most underprivileged of the community there. The jointly initiated fundraising campaign is intended to help expand the overall operation and expansion of the school as well as the quality of local education in the future. 

Doing something good via postcard

Until 31.01.2022, the design profile of Rotary and the campaign to support educational opportunities for children can be accessed on or the free app. There are 4 postcards available with donation amounts between 10 and 100 euros. Afterwards, the postcard can be designed according to individual wishes and sent to the recipient. As a thank you, each donor receives a personalized thank-you postcard and has the option of sending three more free postcards to a friend, relative or partner. 

* MyPostCard is donating 100% of the proceeds to Rotary Gemeindienst Deutschland e.V. (RDG), who is forwarding 100% of the donation to the project in Haiti – For donations requiring a receipt, please donate directly to RDG (Rotary Deutschland Gemeindienst e.V. / Deutsche Bank AG / IBAN: DE80 3007 0010 0394 1200 00 / BIC: DEUTDEDD / Subject: Club C21519 Project P2301/Haiti) and email details to

About Rotary International

Rotary International is an organization where People of Action: neighbors, friends, and problem-solvers share ideas, join leaders, and take action to create lasting change. Rotary International consists of 32.000 clubs. The Rotary E-Club of Wall Street NY (RCWS) started its first project in Haiti in 2013 helping young entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. – In 2019, the Rotary E-Club Wall Street NY, with the support of the Rotary Club Gronau-Euregio, started the initiative to collect donations for a new building for the ECLUJE primary school – with the aim of supporting the great work of the school.

About Sfaira Foundation

Sfaira Foundation is a Canadian non-profit organization that brings people together to fund projects that provide high impact, sustainable solutions to community development issues in Canada and around the world.

Sfaira Foundation was the first international organization supporting ECLUJE by committing teachers salaries and providing organizational guidance since 2018.

About MyPostcard

MyPostcard is Germany’s most successful postcard app and makes it possible to send your own photos as real printed postcards from anywhere via smartphone. With more than 50,000 designs, the company also has the world’s largest range of postcards and offers audio and video cards in addition to postcards and greeting cards. MyPostcard takes charge of the printing, franking and worldwide dispatch of the personalized postcards with the help of an international printing network. The company, based in Berlin and New York, was founded in 2014 by designer and serial entrepreneur Oliver Kray (CEO) and is now successfully operating in the e-commerce industry with over 4 million users. Today, 35 employees work in the company. MyPostcard supports various social projects worldwide, including Amnesty International,, Terre des Femmes and in the past the #FreeDeniz campaign in cooperation with N24 / Axel Springer.

MyPostcard has a prestigious list of partners, including Deutsche Post, Haribo, adidas, Google and TUI. In the Financial Times ranking, MyPostcard is one of the Top 1000 Fastest Growing Companies in Europe. In the e-commerce sector, the company ranks 19th in Europe. MyPostcard has won the gold Stevie Award in the Company of the Year category as well as the coveted Licencing International Award. At the 8th annual 2021 International Best in Business Awards, MyPostcard has also won the Gold Globee® in the category “Heightening Awareness and Publicity Campaign of the Year / COVID-19-related Information” for the campaign “One Million Postcards #formeforus.” The MyPostcard app is available free of charge in the Appstore (4.7 stars) and Playstore (4.3 stars). The app is currently available worldwide in ten languages.

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