Berlin, November 13th 2018 — More than just holiday greetings: While many travellers post pictures in social networks, greeting by postcard is becoming more popular again. A revival of the postcard is seen by MyPostcard, the app with the world’s largest postcard assortment. Almost a quarter more haptic greetings were sent out per user this year than in the previous year. On the occasion of the “I love to write”-day on 15 November, the Berlin start-up has compiled five current postcard trends.

1. City Hopping

Increasingly more people make several short trips per year and not only use the main holiday times for relaxing days away from home. They increasingly report back to relatives and friends by postcard. From their experiences in Paris, London or Rome, they increasingly report via postcard. Particularly popular motifs of the City Hopper are of course well-known sights. These are then sent to your loved ones with a short message or kept for your memory box. Thus, more and more cities can be deleted from the travel bucket list and at the same time make it onto postcards.

2. Conversing with Strangers

What was once the pen pal is now the Postcrossing. Once registered, the user enters the name and address, then selects another postcrosser to write a card to. The individual, personal text is sent to a person in the distance, and so card friendships take their course. A similar variant is the so-called Fancrossing. Here, for example, fan clubs of a sports club network to implement joint actions. 

3. Kitsch Motifs

Not only on Facebook, Instagram and Co are cute baby animals a popular subject, but also on postcards. Whether babies in cute clothes, little dogs with Santa hats or meerkats in all variations – “Cute Kitsch” is a trend. The emotional factor – often in combination with a funny text – plays a big role in the selection of the postcard motif.

4. Personalization

More and more holidaymakers do not opt for standard motifs, but upload their own pictures and create their own postcard design via the app. More than half of the greetings go to Germany, followed by the USA, France and Great Britain. While filters are part of the basic features of social media right from the beginning, they are also playing an increasingly important role in sending the postcard digitally. Whether photo editing apps such as Teleporter, Prisma or LightRoom – exceptional filters offer even more customization on the map and move sights or people alike into even better light.

5. Business-Postcard

The writing of a postcard is no longer used privately: Many companies now send cards instead of emails with invitations, thanks or congratulations by postcard – usually branded with the company logo or theme-specific motifs. For example, in the United States, real estate agents send cards to prospective customers after sightseeing. Moreover, even in the Christmas season, more and more companies are resorting to sending customers postcards with regards and thanksgiving for the cooperation last year.

About MyPostcard

MyPostcard (the postcard of tomorrow) sends personal pictures from users’ phones and computers as real, printed postcards everywhere in the world, all hassle free – we worry about shipping, printing, and posting. Our app can be downloaded in ten languages and provides more than 10,000 designs, the most designs offered worldwide. Oliver Kray, a designer, Serial-Entrepreneur, and CEO, founded MyPostcard, which is based in Berlin, has an office in New York, and currently employs 25 people.

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