Berlin, July 18th 2019 – Writing postcards never gets old – even if the postcard celebrates its 150th anniversary this year. According to a recent survey, one in two people still send postcards and an increasing number opt for a postcard app. 

The International Post Corporation (an international organization of postal operators headquartered in Brussels, Belgium and founded in 1989) completed a case study analyzing the impacts of postcard apps on worldwide postal operators. Ultimately everyone benefits: the end-user sending holiday greetings via a postcard app, the brand touching base with its customers, and postal operators. Postal operators can increase their revenue by acting on new postage stamp sales possibilities, which is how MyPostcard helped generate €1M+ in net revenue for postal providers in 2018. (The majority of this revenue went to the German postal operator.)

MyPostcard cooperated with the German postal operator previously. In December 2018, the German post service integrated their postcard app service, Funcard, with the MyPostcard app. MyPostcard ensures all customers a simple and easy transition to its app. Through MyPostcard, these customers get access to a bigger number of design options and strong customer support. 

The creation and distribution of personalized postcards via smartphones and tablets is becoming increasingly popular. As the market leader, MyPostcard is the ideal partner for us to make the design of individualized postcards even easier for our customers. At the same time, the users of the MyPostcard app benefit from the proven shipping performance of Deutsche Post AG.”


Additionally, MyPostcard consistently works on expanding their network of worldwide printing partners. Besides printing houses in Germany and the US, they are also working with a printing partner in Melbourne, Australia now.

MyPostcard offers a plethora of appealing designs and ensures fast postcard deliveries via an extended network of printing partners worldwide, improving customer satisfaction. Overall, international postal operators benefit from the increase in postcard stamp sales. Traditional postcards were declining but are now re-boosted and branded with a modern image, which rubs off on postal operators in general. 

Working together with MyPostcard can increase your postage stamps revenue, improve customer experience, and further build your branding as a postal operator! Contact us now for more information by emailing

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About MyPostcard

MyPostcard (the postcard of tomorrow) sends personal pictures from users’ phones and computers as real, printed postcards everywhere in the world, all hassle free – we worry about shipping, printing, and posting. Our app can be downloaded in ten languages and provides more than 10,000 designs, the most designs offered worldwide. Oliver Kray, a designer, Serial-Entrepreneur, and CEO, founded MyPostcard, which is based in Berlin, has an office in New York, and currently employs 25 people.

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