Berlin, 8th April 2020 – A large proportion of the workforce are currently working from home. Restaurants, cinemas and gyms are closed and casually meeting with friends is also banned. Many people are spending almost all their time within their own four walls and as a result are often unavoidably alone – which can lead very quickly to boredom. In order to avoid this, the postcard app, MyPostcard, has summarized ten different apps which will make your time at home more bearable and help you to make the most of your time at home.


If you’re currently working from home, then it’s highly likely that you’ve already taken part in a video call or two. But video calls aren’t just ideal for work. When keeping up with friends and family it’s helpful to also be able to see as well as hear each other –  it’s a good way to stop yourself feeling lonely, bringing the smile of your loved ones directly into your home. On Houseparty, multiple users can take part in calls or chats, differentiating it from other video chat tools. Upon opening the app, Houseparty users can see which friends are currently online and can join their virtual ‘party’ simply by clicking on them.

Houseparty is available free for iOS and Android.


Anyone wanting to send a little joy to someone, but unwilling to stand in a queue at the post with 1.5 meters between each person, can send a postcard easily over the MyPostcard app. MyPostcard sends your own photos as real printed postcards, taking care of printing and delivery worldwide. People who are unable to visit granny, grandad and other relatives at the moment, can still magic up a smile on their face from afar. Fitting to the situation right now, MyPostcard has a whole selection of new designs available aiming to motivate people to stay at home and stay positive.

MyPostcard is available free for iOS and Android. Postcards begin at €2.19 including postage. Supports USD, GBP, EUR and CHF currencies.

7Mind Meditation 

Finding it difficult to turn off during this stressful time and to look at the current situation more positively? Mindfulness and meditation could be the answer to finding some peace. The app 7Mind is Germany’s favorite meditation app and also helps inexperienced people to master mindfulness. Many people who’ve discovered meditation for themselves swear by it and can’t imagine their lives without the exercises anymore. Since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, 7Mind also run a live meditation every day from Monday to Friday in addition to the app’s normal services, under the name #gemeinsamunddaheim (together at home). 

7Mind is available free for iOS and Android. The full version costs €11.99 euros per month.

Microsoft Todo App 

Those people, especially, who are spending a lot of time at home, are probably wanting to organize themselves better, to plan new projects, consider how to improve their apartment and decide which film to watch next. The Microsoft Todo app, known previously as Wunderlist, can help with everything to do with organization and order. With the app you can organize your shopping list, daily or weekly to-do’s and share your lists with other users – which is especially useful for couples or house-mates sharing a shopping list for example. And apart from all this, it is perfect for structuring how you work from home and certainly helps you keep an eye on tasks. 

Microsoft Todo is available free for iOS and Android. (Germany only) connects neighbours and residents from the same area. Has anyone got a drill or can someone recommend a good doctor nearby? Anyone want a cutting from my potted plant or can I borrow an egg (contactlessly) from someone? It feels particularly nice right now to have a little contact and community with neighbours. And of course, the app can also be used as a Coronavirus community help tool too, simply by users offering help with shopping or other kinds of support to elderly or high risk people. is available free for iOS and Android.

30 Day Fitness Challenge

Lots of people would like to use their time in self isolation to do something for their fitness and to balance out a lack of physical movement. The 30 Day Fitness Challenge app offers appropriate workouts for every level of fitness, in various difficulties. The exercises for tummy, legs, bottom, etc. and explained well and can be practiced at any time in every place. As the name suggests, users can also take part in various kinds of 30 day challenges in order to especially train their abdominal muscles for example. As well as this, if desired, the app will remind you about your daily training activity and tracks your progress automatically. The intensity of the workout increases gradually. 

30 Tage Fitness Challenge is available free for iOS und Android.

Tandem app 

Another excellent way of making the most of your time at home includes learning a new language or refreshing one you’ve already learned, but haven’t practiced for a long time. The Tandem app brings learning and social contact together. Anyone honing their language skills with Tandem automatically receives a native language study-buddy on their side. Through chats and real conversations, it’s not just great practice taking place, but an international exchange and maybe even a new friendship. With millions of members, Tandem is the biggest language community worldwide. Users can choose from 160 different languages, including sign language. 

Tandem is available free for iOS and Android.

Too good to go 

The  Too Good to Go App saves food: left overs from the bakery, cafes and restaurants can be bought for a reduced price by the app’s customers in advance and picked up later. That’s how the app goes about dealing with a very important social issue, that of food waste. Customers buy so-called ‘magic bags’ filled with food which have not been bought throughout the day in the chosen establishment. In the time of the Coronavirus pandemic, where many restaurants and cafes are suddenly only able to sell food to go or had to completely shut down, Too Good To Go offers an extra advantage. For local establishments which were unable to make the switch to cashless and takeaway service so quickly, are still able to offer their food over the app, making them able to wait out this development.

The Too Good to Go app is available free for iOS and Android. 

Too good for the bin!

Since nobody is going out to eat at the moment, or picking up pizza to go, even the worst cook is left with little other choice than to go shopping and to cook something themself. However, there’s often a lot of waste involved in inexperienced cooking: What should I do with these two leftover carrots or this bit of leftover cheese? The app, Too good for the bin! magics up tasty recipes out of remains, thereby helping users to throw away less food and consequently making it unnecessarily to go shopping so much. Simply enter the ingredients that you have at home and the app will present you with an appropriate recipe. The app came about as a project of the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture and has involved many famous cooks, such as Sarah Wiener or Tim Mälzer.

Too good for the bin! is available free for iOS and Android.

Digital Concert Hall

Wanting to do something for your self-development? Then the Digital Concert Hall app can offer you the experience of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra right in your own living room. The app streams classical concerts and is currently offering 30-day free access to all content in the app. It works on the T.V., computer, tablet and smartphone. Live streams as well as a comprehensive archive are on offer, where you can search for your favorite composers, interviews and portraits. Live life according to the motto – if you can’t go to the mountain, the mountain must come to you.

Digital Concert Hall is available free for iOS and Android.

About MyPostcard

The postcard of tomorrow: MyPostcard is Germany’s most successful postcard app making it possible to send personal photos as real printed postcards. The app is currently available in ten languages and offers more than 50,000 designs making it the biggest selection of postcards available worldwide. With the help of an international printing network, MyPostcard takes care of printing, stamps and worldwide delivery of the personalized postcards. Founder and CEO of the company is designer and serial entrepreneur, Oliver Kray. The company is based in Berlin with an additional office in New York and currently employs 30 employees. It ranks among the Financial Times’ 1000 Fastest Growing Companies in Europe, and in the ecommerce category, even scores 19th place. 

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