Berlin, June 21st 2018 – Only those who have a selfie were actually there: During holidays, every sight and every moment is captured with the camera or smartphone, then shared on social networks or sent to friends and relatives. Hardly any motif is recorded as often as the selfie. In the US, the selfie is so famous that on June 21, even the selfie day is celebrated. On this occasion, MyPostcard, the postcard app with the world’s most extensive postcard offering, has put together the best selfie spots of this summer. “Selfies are part of the holiday and are currently very popular in extraordinary places. In general, however, you should always take care when shooting and, for example, you should not be too close to the abyss and avoid trespassing fences, “explains Josipa Gelo, Marketing Manager at MyPostcard.

1. „The Gateway to Hell“

In Turkmenistan, the flames are blazing in the desert. The crater of Derweze has been burning without interruption for over 40 years. The underground cavern filled with natural gas was discovered by geologists in 1971. Since the ground collapsed beneath the drilling platform, there is a crater with a diameter of 70 meters. To prevent the release of the gas, it was burned off. However, the flames do not extinguish until today; thus, the locals call the crater “the gate to hell”. There is hardly a more spectacular selfie spot!

2. Nerves Required

From the Trolltunga, one of the most impressive rock formations in Norway, vacationers have a breathtaking view over the valley. It lies at 1,100 meters and 700 meters above the lake Ringedalsvatnet. For this selfie, you have to be fit, because the hike from Skjeggdal leads about 27 kilometres through the high mountains with a rise of 1,000 meters and takes about ten to twelve hours. The climb is recommended from mid-June to mid-September and should start no later than eight in the morning. The final selfie on the rock is the ultimate reward for this exhausting tour, but of course not for people with vertigo.

3. A Hot Air Balloon Ride Straight Just Like in the Fairy Tales

If you do not just want to blow up your balloons but want to ride your in one, you should travel to Cappadocia in Turkey. Here tourists can glide amid numerous hot air balloons 2,000 meters above the landscape formed by wind and weather – especially the sunrise is a unique selfie experience. A balloon ride usually takes about an hour, and each basket has about 20 people. However, to witness the beautiful sunrise means getting up early because the early bird makes the best selfie!

4. A Moonlight Rainbow?

This waterfall is something exceptional. The Victoria Falls are located between Zambia and Zimbabwe and belong since 1989 to the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Named after the English Queen Victoria, the falls were discovered in 1855 and are also called by the locals “the smoke that thunders”, because the rising spray is sometimes still visible up to 30 kilometres away. The spray often gives it a rainbow in bright sunshine. If you are lucky, you will also see a unique natural phenomenon here: in the night at full moon, and the night before and after that there is a so-called moon rainbow in clear skies. A photo of yourself with a rainbow created by the moonlight – not everyone has such a selfie.

5. Damn „cool“

In the glacier lagoon, Jökulsárlón in Iceland vacationers is allowed to take the term “cool” literally. Because in the pool many ice floes float from the glacier into the sea. The lake is at 248 meters the deepest lake in Iceland and very popular with tourists. 

The icebergs floating on it are up to 15 meters high and often have different colours – blue due to the ice crystals and black due to volcanic ash. The trails around the lake are ideal as a selfie spot: It doesn’t get any cooler than that.

6. Selfie Down Under

If you do not just want to shine yourself in the camera, but would like to have an animal photo partner next to you, you should make a stop on Kangaroo Island on an Australian round trip. There the kangaroos jump in large numbers along the road or lie lazily in the grass. However, skill is required to keep the animals from jumping further when approached. Higher chances for a kangaroo selfie can be found in one of the wildlife parks around Melbourne. There, the animals can be fed by the visitors 

7. Don’t Look Down

Tourists have an adventurous hike when they want to climb the peaks of Huashan Mountain in the Chinese province of Shaanxi. At least 3,999 steps lead to the highest of the five peaks. The ridges are connected by mountain trails and can be visited by a circular route within four hours. In the past, tourists had to walk over simple wooden planks, while right next to them, they went down a few hundred meters. Today, the trails are better developed and secured – nevertheless, the walk takes a lot of nerves. If you want an extraordinary memory, you can take a photo of your chest harness or shoot a selfie in the original ways. It’s best to take several photos because such an extraordinary selfie spot will not happen again!

8. Don’t Look Salty Here

This place should be remembered for a trip in winter or spring. During the rainy season from December to May, the Salar de Uyuni in southwestern Bolivia transforms into a mirror measuring more than 10,000 square kilometres. Then the world’s largest salt desert, which lies at 3,653 meters, covered with water and offers a reflective light spectacle. Hobby photographers can play with the proportions and hallucinations and take a genuinely unique selfie.

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