Berlin, 31st March 2020 – Despite self-isolation, quarantine and a recommendation to only leave the house for only the most important reasons, people are searching for ways to stay in contact with their loved ones – through postcards for example! During the COVID-19 pandemic and the social distancing that has followed, MyPostcard has recorded a strong increase in postcards being sent worldwide. In Germany alone, over 100,000 people have sent postcards via the app in the last week.

Due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, the populations of almost every country have been called upon to stay at home, decrease their social contact and above all, to avoid visiting elderly people or people who are at higher risk due to pre-existing conditions, in order to protect them from infection. But how are people coping with the distance and how is it possible to maintain contact, particularly with older people, who don’t have Messenger or aren’t active on social media? 

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Interpersonal relationships in times of crisis

Many are finding the imposition of social distancing difficult. People need people. Particularly during difficult times like this, it becomes clear just how important warmth and proximity are and what an enormous role they play in our everyday relationships. The little things that we barely even noticed before suddenly take on a great importance. Going shopping or taking the dog for a walk, small talking with the baker on the corner or a sunday coffee in your favorite cafe. The high significance of family and friends is most palpable of all.

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Communities are coming together in spite of the distance

The current situation shows just how adaptable humanity is and more than anything how quickly we can get used to changed living conditions – a rethink is taking place all over the world and points of views are rapidly changing. Community volunteers, concert lives streams, daily applause from the window in celebration of everyone helping the system continue – and new methods of communication. The community is coming together in spite of the distance. The postcard as a means of communication, has been a trend for many for years now. The method, which celebrates its 150th anniversary this year, is proving the high emotional significance it has for senders and recipients especially at this time. 

“Our MyPostcard app is known by many for personalizable vacation greetings by postcard. In the last few days however, we’ve been seeing a rapid and stark change in the reason lying behind sending a postcard. More than 80% of our last orders are currency postcards of solidarity and togetherness”, says Oliver Kray, CEO and founder of MyPostcard. People are finding ways to compensate for a proximity that’s lacking.

The power of solidarity 

Closeness doesn’t have to be physical. Social distancing shouldn’t mean loneliness. Which is why it’s important, right now especially, to demonstrate togetherness on a societal level as well as a private one. Regular phone calls with parents, eating dinner together with friends over FaceTime but also postcards with personal photos for grandparents or a letter to a friend. You can give people confidence and hope, as well as a token of love. Something tangible, something that you can touch is a concept far flung from virtual or digital solutions. It’s something that remains. MyPostcard personalized postcards are printed and stamped and sent off worldwide by the company. The Berlin start-up responded immediately to the incredibly great demand to find a way to express solidarity and offered users a category with more than 1000 designs made especially within a few days. The printing house and the regular post service are running normally at the moment, despite the Corona crisis. 

About MyPostcard

The postcard of tomorrow: MyPostcard is Germany’s most successful postcard app making it possible to send personal photos as real printed postcards. The app is currently available in ten languages and offers more than 50,000 designs making it the biggest selection of postcards available worldwide. With the help of an international printing network, MyPostcard takes care of printing, stamps and worldwide delivery of the personalized postcards. Founder and CEO of the company is designer and serial entrepreneur, Oliver Kray. The company is based in Berlin with an additional office in New York and currently employs 30 employees. It ranks among the Financial Times’ 1000 Fastest Growing Companies in Europe, and in the ecommerce category, even scores 19th place. 

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