Berlin, 14.02.2021 – Whether they received flowers from their other half on Valentines Day, celebrated together or spent the day alone – many people think of their friends and the important role they play in their lives after this day of romantic love. After all, what would we be without friends? So it’s time to celebrate your love for your favorite “Gal”, short for “Girl” with Galentine’s Day! Of course, this is not only for women, but also for men and all those who want to celebrate friendship. The postcard app, MyPostcard, has put together seven ideas that will put a smile on any friend’s face.

Write a love letter to your friend

Write a “Love Letter” with everything you love and admire about your best friend. If you take some time, you’ll probably come up with a lot of wonderful things to really support and empower her or him. Even better: Send a postcard at regular intervals with a photo of the two of you on it, or a particularly nice memory or some sweet words. So they always have some joy! With MyPostcard, sending cards is particularly fast and is done with the app in just a few minutes. Your best option is to store a reminder on your phone. That way, you’ll always think about it when it’s time to send out the next friend card.

Prepare a zoom date with wine and goodies

Maybe you can’t see your BFF as much as you normally do right now, or maybe you don’t live in the same city anyway. No problem: video calls are currently more popular than ever. Set up a Zoom date with your gal or guy of choice and send her or him a package beforehand, such as a bottle of wine, snacks, or even ingredients for dinner that you can cook during your video call together. Who says that a date always has to be with a partner? Instead, celebrate your friendship on a Galentine’s date!

Create a photo box with your shared memories

If your friendship has been going on for a long time especially, you’re bound to have a lot of shared experiences, photos and insider jokes that only you two know. With a personally designed photobox or photo album, you can show your friend how much your memories mean to you and how beautiful life is together. And if he or she has one of those days where everything goes wrong, it’s a small reminder that your friendship will make it up!

Give them a real treat 

Small gifts keep friendships alive – and the best gifts are the ones you don’t “treat” yourself to. Give your friend something that he or she has wanted for a long time, but finds a little too expensive or not really “urgently needed”. Maybe that extra nice lipstick or a mega-cool hat that would go so well with his or her coat, or just that one kind of tea they’ve been wanting to try. Who is not happy to receive a little something that shows a friend has listened well and knows exactly what gives you joy?

Bake cookies or a cake and send it yourself

Something homemade is always a good idea: if you can bake (even a little bit), turn on the oven and conjure up a cake, biscuits or other delicacies, then pack them in a nice box and send them in the post to your dearest friend. Somehow, biscuits always taste a little better when someone else has made them, and you also show your gal or guy that you like to go out of your way for him or her.

Create your own personal spotify playlist

Just like you probably have a lot of shared photos of your adventures, there are also a lot of songs that remind you of your friendship: songs you heard when you were partying at the club or taking long car trips on vacation, the heartbreak songs you roared on various occasions, or memories of a concert you worked at together or went to. Create the “playlist of your friendship” and send your friend* the link to it – tears of joy and a few laughs are on your side!

Organize a cozy movie night via video call

Another idea you can use to give your BFF a special treat is a cozy movie night from home. If you can’t see each other in person because of contact restrictions, just send him or her a package of fluffy socks, new pajamas, a snack and a DVD that you’ve been wanting to watch together. You can spend an (almost) normal DVD evening via Zoom – with breaks to discuss the movie of course!

About MyPostcard

The postcard of tomorrow: MyPostcard is Germany’s most successful postcard app, letting customers send their own photos as real printed postcards. The app is currently available in ten languages and is home to the world’s largest collection of postcards for sale with more than 50,000 designs available. With the help of an international network of printing houses, MyPostcard takes care of printing and delivering the personalized postcards. Founder and CEO is Oliver Kray, a designer and serial entrepreneur. The company is headquartered in Berlin with an additional office in New York and currently employs 30 staff. It is ranked among the top 1000 fastest growing companies in Europe according to the Financial Times, even achieving place 19 in the ecommerce sector.

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