The two Berlin companies, MyPostcard and KIDDINX, get behind the Berliner Obdachlosenhilfe e.V., and together campaign for the charity

Berlin, 05.12.2019 – Christmas, a time for love, compassion and giving. This is the cue being taken by the two Berlin companies, MyPostcard and KIDDINX, as an opportunity to work on a charity campaign ‘Advent for Everyone’ together; a campaign which isn’t just for Christmas, but whose influence transcends these time boundaries and could cause real change. 

A little message which could make the difference

The Berlin company, MyPostcard, begins the Christmas campaign, ‘Advent for Everyone’, offering the chance to send people in need a few warm words and through this, the chance to share the gift of strength and friendliness.  

With the MyPostcard app, postcards can be sent directly via app or created online – the cards are then mailed ‘as normal’ by post. For the ‘Advent for Everyone’ campaign, 17 designs were made especially to be sent to the Berliner Obdachlosenhilfe (Help for the Homeless of Berlin) automatically upon purchase.

The postcards will be collected at the Berliner Obdachlosenhilfe office and distributed amongst the people who will be seeking support on Christmas Day during the volunteers’ tour. For each card sent as part of the campaign, MyPostcard will donate the card profit to the Berliner Obdachlosenhilfe. Supporting the start up is the Berliner company, KIDDINX, who will match each donation. The initiative is running between December 1st to December 18th. 

The Christmas period and the year coming to its end is often cause for reflection on the past year and about life’s real essentials – family, friends and quality time spent together, away from all the hecticness and stress of everyday life. Many people with little money and no home are forced to rely on the help of initiatives and institutions at this cold time of year. Often, living on the street goes hand in hand with extreme poverty and social isolation. During the course of 2018, 678,000 people in Germany were living without a permanent home.

The balance of helping – the important things aren’t things

It’s not just a readiness to do something good which is especially prevalent just before Christmas, but also a willingness to give money to a good cause. December, according to a yearly report by the German Council for Charity, is the most important month for donations by far. During this time, donations are three times as high as they are in any other month: Christmas time is the time to give. Next to such important donations of money or things like clothes and food, humanity and empathy should not be left by the wayside. For many in this difficult situation, a kind gesture or some warm words can make all the difference, especially for those who, being homeless, have little or no social contact. Because the most important things in life aren’t things at all: Dignity. Friendliness and compassion. Empowerment.

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About Kiddinx Media GmbH

KIDDINX Media GmbH offers entertainment for children in Germany – and has for over 40 years. In their online shop they sell and distribute, among other things, audio plays, music, cartoons and apps for kids and, as German licence holder for the World Disney Company, German audio plays for German-speaking countries as well. Be it Benjamin Blümchen, Bibi Blocksberg, Bibi & Tina, ‘die Sorgenfresser’, Leo Lausemaus, Wendy, or the Little Polar Bear – the KIDDINX brand can be found in every kid’s bedroom.

About MyPostcard

The postcard of tomorrow: MyPostcard is the app making it possible to send your own photos as real printed postcards. The app is currently available in 10 languages and, with more than 20,000 designs, offers the widest selection of postcard designs worldwide. MyPostcard takes care of printing and mailing your personalized postcards worldwide. Its founder and CEO is designer turned serial entrepreneur, Oliver Kray. The company is based in Berlin with an office in New York and currently employees 30 employees.

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