MyPostcard collaborates with Polished Man for an extremely beneficial fundraising campaign

In a new pilot project, MyPostcard taps further into the Non-profit sector by partnering with Polished Man to help them raise funds and end violence against children.

Polished Man wants to have a lasting impact and focuses in the major root cause: poverty. MyPostcard supports the Non-profit organization in their fundraising campaign.

What is Polished Man?

“A campaign. A movement. A commitment.
This October we challenge men (and women) to paint one fingernail Polished Man Blue to represent the 1 child that dies every 5 minutes as a result of violence. That nail starts a conversation.

A conversation that inspires a donation.
A donation that allows for prevention and protection.
And it ends when no child suffers from violence.
Because it shouldn’t hurt to be a child.
Nail it to end it.”

Support Polished Man by Sending a Campaign Postcard

MyPostcard uses its platform to upload Polished Man campaign designs into their Postcard design shop ranging in prices from $5 to $50.

Supporters can send these cards and MyPostcard will then donate the full amount for each card to Polished Man.

Send your postcard now!

MyPostcard supports the Campaign of Polished Man
Former NY Jets Football Player, MyPostcard’s CEO Oliver Kray, Head of BD Felix Schultz, (Launch Campaign Event New York City)
MyPostcard supports the Campaign of Polished Man
Head of BD Felix Schultz, US Campaign Manager Michelle Varghese, MyPostcard’s CEO Oliver Kray, (Launch Campaign Event in New York City)

MyPostcard supports the Campaign of Polished Man


Celebrities like Marc Jacobs, Zac Efron and Chris Hemsworth supported the campaign as Polished Man ambassadors.

End violence against children. Start by raising awareness. Paint a nail this month! #polishedman

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